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Shortlisting applicants in a 21st Century way
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  • Apply on the Go
    Via Mobile

    In a mobile-centric 2018, Urban Amigo offers Job Seekers the opportunity to view Employer pitch videos anytime, anywhere and submit video responses against them within seconds. Awesome.

  • Engage with Brands
    in Real time

    Employers want to connect with you...yesterday! Submit a 60-second video on the fly using the Urban Amigo app and apply for cool jobs advertised by innovative employers within seconds.

  • No more
    Cover Letter Writing

    The online space is changing quickly and Urban Amigo is leading the way. Want a 21st-Century recruitment experience that puts you at the front centre? Look no further than Urban Amigo.

Watch the Video Tutorial to find out
how to search for jobs

  • Preview

    How to Search for a Job

    Here, Dani walks you through how easy it is to sign up with Urban Amigo, search for jobs and then pitch a response video against those jobs you have shortlisted. Heidi then showcases what employers will see at their end and how they then make contact with you. Urban Amigo is super-excited to bring recruitment into the 21st Century and looks forward supporting you on that journey.

  • Preview

    Meet Dani - an Urban Amigo job seeker

    This video showcases just how easy it is to shoot a response video via the Urban Amigo Job Seeker app to an employer pitch video. Here, Dani talks through her experience, what she is looking for and what she feels she can bring to the role. Notice how much can be squeezed into 60 seconds. It's awesome!