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    The Problem Urban Amigo helps solve

    In an era when video use across every major social media platform is increasing exponentially and user-generated content is driving the content of these platforms, “can you please send your resume to John” just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s predicted that by 2025, 60% of the workforce will be millennials. Urban Amigo offers new hope to those employers who wish to connect and engage with the workforce of the future.

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    Building and Posting Jobs on Urban Amigo

    The core feature of the Urban Amigo website is the bidirectional nature of it. On Urban Amigo, employers can advertise job vacancies via 60-second video pitches and job seekers can respond via 60-second video pitches of their own. Urban Amigo's aim is to champion diversity, highlight the human side of employment and make the whole recruitment pipeline generally more fun and personable.

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    Pitching - it's all in the Preparation

    Think Urban Amigo is the platform for you but not sure where to start? We've shot this video with Heidi, who provides a few insights from someone who is a seasoned-veteran when it comes to public speaking and communication.

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    An Example - Lights, Camera, Action!

    Once you know the role you're going out for, have put a basic script together, it's time to pitch and film! Remember, the intention of your pitch video is to provide Job Seekers with a general insight into your personality and organisational culture. Request that Job Seekers respond to specific questions in their pitch video to assist you in the shortlisting process. Easy and awesome!

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