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Shortlisting applicants in a 21st Century way
Look beyond the superficial

  • Efficient &

    Traditional recruitment is broken. If you're tired of wading through CVs and PM messages to shortlist job-seeker profiles for advertised roles, Urban Amigo cuts to the chase like never before.

  • The Language of
    Digital Natives

    It’s predicted that by 2025, 60% of the workforce will be millennials. Urban Amigo offers new hope to those employers who wish to connect and engage with the workforce of the future.

  • Genuine
    Personality Insights

    Both employers and job seekers are so much more than a two-dimensional document. In 2018, it is a missed opportunity if we don’t celebrate uniqueness with all the digital tools at our disposal.

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    Meet Heidi

    Here, Heidi walks you through how easy it is to build a job ad with Urban Amigo, including the pitch video that will accompany it. Dani then showcases what job seekers see at their end and how they then make contact with you. Urban Amigo is super-excited to bring recruitment into the 21st Century and looks forward supporting you on that journey.

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  • Preview

    Heidi in Action

    This video showcases just how easy it is to shoot an employer video on Urban Amigo. Here, Heidi talks a little about the business and the type of person, specifically, she is after. The video, importantly, includes first-stage questions that will help her begin the short-listing process. Notice how much can be squeezed into 60 seconds. It's awesome!